Weather emotions essay

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Easing the mind. Moods are the responses of people to their surroundings, and everyone experiences the seven emotions and six desires [six harmful elements, described above]. If not properly regulated, the emotions will cause stagnation of qi and blood, and disharmony between the organs, leading to illness, even early death. Those who lived a long life, according to historical records, are almost all people apt to regulate their moods, the essence of which is to cultivate the mind with virtuous and elevated ideas and mold the temperament. Various methods have been developed and described by people in the past, which can be boiled down to the following: creating a happy mood by engaging in a great variety of carefree, light, and lively activities in which spirit is heightened, intelligence is increased, muscles and tendons are exercised, and circulation of qi and blood is activated so that health preservation is achieved in the midst of amusement and sports, achieving the aim of nurturing the mind, strengthening the body, and prolonging life. Some traditional methods employed for this purpose include taking up hobbies, such as playing the piano and chess; raising flowers, plants, birds, or fish; sightseeing; and chatting with friends.

Weather emotions essay

weather emotions essay


weather emotions essayweather emotions essayweather emotions essayweather emotions essay