Value added services research papers

A VAT, like most taxes, distorts what would have happened without it. Because the price for someone rises, the quantity of goods traded decreases. Correspondingly, some people are worse off by more than the government is made better off by tax income. That is, more is lost due to supply and demand shifts than is gained in tax. This is known as a deadweight loss . If the income lost by the economy is greater than the government's income; the tax is inefficient. It must be noted that a VAT and a Non-VAT have the same implications on the microeconomic model.

Most commonly used by telecommunication industry, the template set has various pre-built PPT slides that are related to the industry. From executives to managers, professionals of the telecom industry can surely relate to this presentation. It can help them explain their clients, other professionals, superiors or colleagues the gist of various services. It is a collection of well-researched slides and can also be used to impart knowledge. Use this in training sessions and let your executives know the structure of different services and how they work. Every VAS is interlinked to each other, and with these high-definition graphics, you can build a map of all these derivatives in a seamless manner. Although, the term is majorly used in the telecom industry, but it is not limited to it and is now widely propagating to almost every service based industry. From digital marketing agencies to online service providers, e-commerce based industries to virtual companies that deal with services; VAS is used in almost every service-based industry. Explain the additional services that your organization provides, pitch various clients and let them know your niche, and teach your executives about the various verticals on which your organization delivers end-based results, with the help of this professional presentation.

Value added services research papers

value added services research papers


value added services research papersvalue added services research papersvalue added services research papersvalue added services research papers