Technological change essay

Applying this vision to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence , it leads to the idea that advanced intelligent life reconfigure itself into a black hole. Such advanced life forms would be interested in inner space, rather than outer space and interstellar expansion. [17] They would thus in some way transcend reality, not be observable and it would be a solution to Fermi’s paradox called the “transcension hypothesis”, [18] [19] ,. [20] Another solution is that the black holes we observe could actually be interpreted as intelligent super-civilizations feeding on stars, or “stellivores”,. [21] [22] This dynamics of evolutionary and development invites to study the universe itself as evolving, developing. [23] If the universe is a kind of superorganism, it may possibly tend to reproduce, naturally [24] or artificially, with intelligent life playing a role, [25] [26] [27] [28] ,. [29]

The counterpoint of risk is opportunity and IT functions which can effectively manage their risks will enable their businesses to radically outperform those companies which are put off by or simply not up to the challenge. Companies where IT feels empowered to influence commercial decision-making by demonstrating how business enablement can be driven by effective management of technology risks, will prosper greatly at the expense of those companies where ignorance or fear of new or changing technology risk areas either prevents them from moving into new areas, or results in failures when they attempt to. This is the time for IT leaders to step up and put themselves and their function at the centre of driving their business forward.

Technological change essay

technological change essay


technological change essaytechnological change essaytechnological change essaytechnological change essay