Spatial organization of an essay

The self-organization observed in foraging territories is a microcosm for the self-organization seen in the entire colony . Spatial organization observed across social insect colonies can be considered an emergent property of a self-organized complex system . It is self-organized because there is no leader dictating where each individual will reside, nor which task an individual will perform once they get there. [14] Instead, zones may be a by-product of division of labor , whereby individuals end up in a particular location for a period of time based on the task they perform, [9] or dominance interactions, whereby dominant individuals are granted access to the most desirable places inside the nest. [5] [8] Spatial patterns exhibited by individuals of social insect colonies are not obvious, because it is difficult to observe and differentiate among individuals inside a nest cavity or flying across a foraging patch. However, when careful attention is given to the individual worker, the spatial organization of workers in the nest becomes apparent.

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Spatial organization of an essay

spatial organization of an essay


spatial organization of an essayspatial organization of an essayspatial organization of an essayspatial organization of an essay