Spare the rod or spoil the child essay

[quote:43f0672818]Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child[/quote:43f0672818]

The children nowadays are too difficult to educate. They don’t have respect for their parents or for any other adult. For this reason parents don’t know what to do and desperate. Because of this they can’t find other way out than beating the children. This can be very useful in some cases and in a controlled manner, but if you exceed it can cause serious problems in the kid and also in the family. So, is it necessary to beat children to educate them?

First of all, if you educate a small child very toughly, beating him and punishing him, you can have control over him so you can in some way know that he will behave well and that he will learn to have respect for his parents and for the other persons. Also it would be easier to teach him good manners that is an every-father dream, so they find that this way of educate him is the perfect one.

With this treatment, the child also starts creating a tough personality and character. This can be very useful in the future because he can confront difficulties and problems without being afraid or doubtfully. For example, when you see a kid at school which you know has been very loved when small and that passes all day long beside his mother kissing her and all that, you can almost be sure that he will be very shy and no one will have respect for him. All this is because people that were educated by this way have a weak personality, which can be very bad and painful to a grown up kid.

But in some cases, parents go on beating and beating his kid and don’t realize the damage they are causing to his own son. All of this can cause serious mental and psychological problems in the kid. In some of them, these mind problems, hide behind the tough and hard personality so no one realize of it. As a result of this, children start to have social problems at school, and start loosing friends until they are left alone. “It's in study after study: Boys who grow up in violent homes are likely to become batterers. They are the schoolyard bullies” And everyone knows what happens to a child with no friends, he can fall into a depress and the better ages of his lives...

Spare the rod or spoil the child essay

spare the rod or spoil the child essay


spare the rod or spoil the child essayspare the rod or spoil the child essayspare the rod or spoil the child essayspare the rod or spoil the child essay