Sociology thesis statement

The methods and substantive areas of sociology provide an excellent background for a wide range of careers in fields such as government, public policy, law, social research, community work, social activism, health, human services, social work, counseling, education, business, personnel, advertising, and market research, as well as a strong foundation for graduate study in sociology and a variety of applied or related areas including law, criminal justice, social work, business, public policy and public administration, urban and community planning, health care administration, public health, education, survey research administration, and journalism.

Whether you are specializing in Sociology, pursuing a double Major, Minor degree, or taking an elective course with us, we invite you to follow your intellectual curiosity and explore a wide range of themes such as equity and diversity, social justice and transformative social change; gendered relations and inequalities; racism and racialization; sexualities; the city, local and global communities; popular culture; social networking; Indigeneity in Canada; children and youth; immigration and settlement; food and eating; work and making a living; and tourism in the Caribbean.

Sociology thesis statement

sociology thesis statement


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