Shirley jackson the lottery essay

Larry Yust's short film, The Lottery (1969), produced as part of Encyclopædia Britannica ' s 'Short Story Showcase' series, was ranked by the Academic Film Archive "as one of the two bestselling educational films ever". It has an accompanying ten-minute commentary film, Discussion of "The Lottery" by University of Southern California English professor Dr. James Durbin. Featuring the film debut of Ed Begley, Jr. , Yust's adaptation has an atmosphere of naturalism and small town authenticity with its shots of pick-up trucks and townspeople in Fellows, California .

The following year, Stanley Edgar Hyman published the first of two posthumous anthologies, The Magic of Shirley Jackson , a collection of short stories and three previously-published novels.   This was followed in 1968 by Come Along With Me , the unfinished novel that Jackson was working on at the time of her death, along with sixteen short stories and three lectures.   Years later, in 1997, two of Jackson’s children edited Just An Ordinary Day , a collection of many of Jackson’s previously unpublished or uncollected short stories, which received near-unanimous great praise.

Perhaps “The Lottery” came more easily to Jackson than other stories, but her account of an editor asking for “one change” and the story going from first idea to print in three weeks sells her own efforts short. Jackson, like most writers, achieved greatness with patient work and the help of others—her editors, her agent, and her literary-critic husband. Drafts were written and rewritten; phone calls with editors were made; galleys were drawn up and edited; and, in the end, the story appeared in print months after it had been conceived. It was all very ordinary, as ordinary a process as the lottery itself—until the surprise, when, like stones, the letters began to come .

Shirley jackson the lottery essay

shirley jackson the lottery essay


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