Sestina elizabeth bishop thesis

The structure of the sestina, which demands adherence to a strict and arbitrary order, produces several effects within a poem. Stephen Burt notes that, "The sestina has served, historically, as a complaint", its harsh demands acting as "signs for deprivation or duress". [14] The structure can enhance the subject matter that it orders; in reference to Elizabeth Bishop 's A Miracle for Breakfast , David Caplan suggests that the form's "harshly arbitrary demands echo its subject's". [38] Nevertheless, the form's structure has been criticised; Paul Fussell considers the sestina to be of "dubious structural expressiveness" when composed in English and, irrespective of how it is used, "would seem to be [a form] that gives more structural pleasure to the contriver than to the apprehender." [39]

“Shortly after I had replaced Gill, Fr. Joe King came to SI with his enthusiasm for glee clubs and music of all kinds. He started organizing talent shows, and they evolved into musical productions in which I began to take a part. One was called Win Winsocki.  MGM had produced a “B” list musical set in a small Midwest college whose survival rested with the success of its football team. We ignored the book and the title of the film, but used the fight song, which went, ‘You can win Winsocki if you only try,’ and other stereotypical sentiments. It was a wonderful song, and it served as the basis for a pastiche of songs, dances, sketches, whatever Fr. King, the students or I could devise. The following year we topped it with a work we called  Souther Pacific , which combined bits of Rogers and Hart with  The Caine Mutiny, Mr. Roberts , and other ideas from Fr. King, the students or myself. These performances were at USF’s Little Theatre, and it didn’t occur to any of us that we should have paid royalties. I trust a statute of limitations applies.

Sestina elizabeth bishop thesis

sestina elizabeth bishop thesis


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