School nutrition research paper

The Nutrition Policy Institute is evaluating a new model of distribution of fresh produce by a school district that benefits both farmers and the local community. The Food Hub, pioneered by the Riverside, California Unified School District , provides a model that can expand markets for specialty crops into areas that lack the resources and volume to make fresh produce part of their menus or sales, and that the growers previously have not been able to penetrate. Small school districts, corner stores, childcare homes and centers, small restaurants and WIC stores can all benefit from the increased access to fresh produce through the RUSD Food Hub. In addition, these outlets provide a place to sell small and cosmetically imperfect produce, thereby reducing food waste while also developing a new revenue stream for local farmers. If the RUSD Food Hub is successful, the model could be adopted by other large school districts, each of which can develop new markets for specialty crop growers while improving nutrition for needy communities.

‘The DVD was used in different ways across the school. With the prep classes, the first 10 minutes of the DVD was watched as the teachers wanted the important parts of the DVD to be remembered. It’s also used and is going to be used (future) with the prep information night. Each class in school besides the preps watched the entire DVD. The kids found it interesting and useful. The grade 5/6’s explored the idea of the DVD further through a debate. What was summed up is that if foods are not in wrapping, then the environment would be a lot cleaner than it is today.

School nutrition research paper

school nutrition research paper


school nutrition research paperschool nutrition research paperschool nutrition research paperschool nutrition research paper