Research papers on nazi experimentation

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In most of the camps discovered by the Soviets, almost all the prisoners had already been removed, leaving only a few thousand alive—7,000 inmates were found in Auschwitz, including 180 children who had been experimented on by doctors . [42] Some 60,000 prisoners were discovered at Bergen-Belsen by the British 11th Armoured Division, [43] 13,000 corpses lay unburied, and another 10,000 died from typhus or malnutrition over the following weeks. [44] The British forced the remaining SS guards to gather up the corpses and place them in mass graves. [45]

Cryptic naming of the Nike-Ajax missile system identifies its true inventor  –Nikola Tesla–  and reconfirms our present supposition that the 487-series psychic readings by Edgar Cayce were, in fact, conducted for Nikola Tesla, revealing his past life as Atlantean scientific leader Ajax of Ode, among other incarnations.  Covertly acknowledging the Atlantean origin of Tesla’s wireless inventions by name, the  Nike-Ajax  missile system employed a monopulse radar design stolen from Tesla after his murder on January 6, 1943:

Research papers on nazi experimentation

research papers on nazi experimentation


research papers on nazi experimentationresearch papers on nazi experimentationresearch papers on nazi experimentationresearch papers on nazi experimentation