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Many miles of hedgerows have been removed for various reasons over the last few decades.  The remaining hedgerows on the Great Plains are habitat islands for those creatures that prefer the forest to the prairie.  Along with the gallery forest found next to streams and rivers, hedgerows provide a place to live for many kinds of wildlife that would not otherwise be found on the prairie.  In areas that have been converted to agriculture, hedgerows may be the only winter shelter available for wildlife.  Osage Orange trees are the backbone of most of those hedgerows and are a distinctive member of the flora of the Great Plains.

it sounds like you did not delete all of your hard drives partitions when you installed both the operating systems. There are actually 3 partitions on the drive that need to be wiped. 1 the operating system 2 the recovery partition 3 the efi boot partition. The original owner or the person who sold it to you could have locked it down through Icloud. The lockpad setting was there the whole time in the bios and was waiting or listening for a command. The unknown owner or seller just triggered its activation via the internet. After we do our work the chip will be back to factory defaults (sleep mode) and can’t be relocked from anywhere as long as you use a fresh install on a completely blank Hard drive or just let us do the install.

Remove comment link thesis

remove comment link thesis


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