Psu thesis guidelines

There is, however, an asterisk on that “No!” That is, the peer-review process in pay-to-publish, open-access journals cannot achieve quality assurance without extremely stringent safeguards (which will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the debate). There’s nothing necessarily or intrinsically wrong with either open-access or pay-to-publish journals, and they may ultimately prove valuable. However, in the short term, pay-to-publish may be a significant problem because of the inherent tendencies toward conflicts of interest (profits trump academic quality, that is, the profit motive is dangerous because ethics are expensive).

Hello, I so much love this explanation about conceptual framework..Thanks for sharing. Alright here is my question. I’m writing on Effect Of External Debt on Economic Growth in my Country. Having gone through some journal I discovered that variables used in measuring External Debt are: inflation, external debt, Exchange rate and many more while variable used in measuring Economic growth is GDP. Can we then say my dependent variable is GDP or Economic growth and independent variable(s) is inflation, exchange rate or EXTERNAL DEBT itself? Pls what’s my conceptual framework? Thanks for your reply in advance.

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Psu thesis guidelines

psu thesis guidelines


psu thesis guidelinespsu thesis guidelinespsu thesis guidelinespsu thesis guidelines