Pros and cons of no child left behind essay

I’m convinced every only-child is different depending on parenting style and life experience. Many responded with surprise when they found out I am an only child, some said I am more like the oldest child. It is because my complicated childhood. I came from in fact selfish parents, both of them, it’s true. My dad didn’t want any kid at first, I don’t know who’s more self-centered, mom or dad. But clearly they are much into themselves, their own satisfaction, still are. But I was blessed to have lived with happy, normal families with many children, during the years after my parents got divorced and my dad settling in a new place before getting me there. And later on blessed with a loving church family. That’s where I learn about “love”. I have two children, and I am boldly open about why parents should not have just one child if they have the choice. I know a good number of parents having only one child, their reason is the same as my parents: Selfishness. It’s too hard, it’s too much trouble, it’s too expensive…. But it’s not about us, or for us. It’s for the children. I didn’t want my son, my first born to be alone and lonely, I know what lonely is; I wanted him to have someone to share things with, anything. I had wished to have an elder sibling for my own selfish reason when I was younger, so I can be spoiled. Then I wished if I could just have a sibling, anything, so I can have someone, anyone, to share anything I need to, who’s from my family. Who I can still talk to even if we just got so mad at each other. I also know some only-child who grew up happy, so it’s case by case. I do see obvious difference between only-child and those who are not. I did have problem with little kids growing up, they annoyed me. I thought I would not have any children before I got married. But husband loves children, he’s the youngest of 5. And I know I would not have just one. My ideal number was 3, in the order of son-daughter-son, I had a silly reason. I have a son and then a daughter, I lost the courage to have more. Too hard. And she’s a little mommy around the house and runs her brother’s life. Clearly he needs her. The world would be a more lonelier place for him without her. Only-child are more comfortable with adults, and they prefer to talk with them over kids their age. When my children’s friends come over, their only-child friend usually occupies me and prefer to have conversation with me more. Sometimes I worry for them.
I had to learn not to be selfish as only-child. My natural response is always thinking for myself first, I am grateful that my life experience and faith taught me to love others, this teaching did not come from my parents, in fact, I am trying to share with them what I learn, I said, trying.
Anyway, I may have a more of dark view about only-child, but it’s just me. Oh, I have convinced at least 2 moms to have their second…. I am Asian living in US, these are Asian moms as well. My point is, will your child have his/her own sibling/relative later on living in this country? Of course parents need to teach children to love each other, it’s our job.

In essence, most forms of the use children fro labor are exploitative and harmful by nature, and should not be tolerated. We should, however, take into consideration the culture in which that child laborer resides, and the effects of eliminating those jobs. If the elimination of certain jobs puts child laborers into more harmful jobs, then we must consider and find alternative means to those employers and children alike. This is one of the many struggles when it comes to the moral problems stemming from the use of children in the workforce, and one which must be taken into account before we go off to save the world and the children, when we can, in effect, be placing them in more danger. So, my friends, we must think and research before we act, and organize and new boycotts and laws that we may want to enact. We must make sure that we do no place any children in harms way be taking away their jobs. We must make sure that their families can either make enough income without them working and they have access to adequate educational opportunities. Yes, child labour is a moral issue, and yes, we can reduce or eliminate it, but we must do so with care and caution, so we don’t endanger those whom we wish to save!

Pros and cons of no child left behind essay

pros and cons of no child left behind essay


pros and cons of no child left behind essaypros and cons of no child left behind essaypros and cons of no child left behind essaypros and cons of no child left behind essay