Pre-college coursework state legislation

Washington University in St. Louis’s High School Summer Scholars Program is a prestigious program in which students have the opportunity to study a variety of courses right alongside real undergraduate students. During their chosen session (there are three, ranging from five to eight weeks in length), students live on campus in residence halls, participate in specialized seminars and a variety of social events, and are even made part of an academic support group. Course options are extensive, but arts-themed courses include Photojournalism, Curating the City, Introduction to Music, Principles of Writing, Improvisation, and many more.

This course will investigate the fundamentals of game design and build the skills to communicate design vision to others. It will introduce basic design structures that the students will use to interpret existing designs, explore their own ideas, and finally present original designs. The course will include lectures, daily exercises, guest speakers, and field trips. All work will be focused on developing a greater understanding of the process of video game design and development in order to encourage original thought and problem solving skills.(Personal laptop required)

Pre-college coursework state legislation

pre-college coursework state legislation


pre-college coursework state legislationpre-college coursework state legislationpre-college coursework state legislationpre-college coursework state legislation