Patient care study essay

Oxygen is normally prescribed for patients experiencing hypoxia to raise the alveolar oxygen tension and to lessen the workload of breathing in patients. There are generally four types of oxygen therapy which include long term oxygen therapy, short burst oxygen therapy, emergency oxygen and ambulatory oxygen. It is commonly given in emergency cases to achieve oxygen saturation within the normal range, just like in this case. The administration of the correct oxygen concentration is important as inappropriate concentration of oxygen may result in serious or fatal outcomes13.

All, I suggest that it would be instructive to crosswalk HCAHPS of patients who are readmitted to validate the how little they understand the quality of their Care. They have a keen understanding of Hotel Functions, but a limited understanding of their Clinical Care. When I go to social events and guests somehow associated with healthcare, I end up hearing all these “horror stories” about their hospital stay. When asked did you talk with the Administrator about your treatment? and how did to communicate your concerns on your evaluation document? They complain about the food, noise etc. but not about their treatment for fear that it could harm their doctors and nurses and this is my hospital, who knows when I will be back? Our motto is “You Can’t Treat or Heal Them if You Cant’ t Protect Them”. All those stars are meaningless, ask the families and survivors of Katrina and Sandy. Hospital Rankings and Ratings fail to include the important variable of Facility safety and security (Locus of Care)

Patient care study essay

patient care study essay


patient care study essaypatient care study essaypatient care study essaypatient care study essay