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My husband and I have been taking music lessons there for over 3 years. I have taken both guitar and voice lessons. He has been studying voice the entire time. Robyn and Lance, the owners, have created an environment for an adult that is comfortable, enjoyable and educational. And the teachers are excellent. We had planned to just take lessons for a year or so, but we have learned a tremendous amount and have had fun with it along the way. This past Spring, my husband’s voice teacher, Tim, submitted an audition tape of him to the Spring Training facilities and he was selected to sing the National Anthem at one of the Spring training games as well as several ASU baseball games. 3 years ago, he never even thought about doing something like this. It all came about strictly because of our relationship with Musical Surprise. We have recommended the studio to a number of our friends. If you are an adult and have thought fleetingly about learning some kind of instrument or taking voice lessons, you should enroll at Musical Surprise and see how much fun you can have.

Against the fusion of cultures there is also cultural cannibalism, an example of such a movement is the Cannibal Manifesto. The Cannibal manifesto is a document of a modernist movement that was inspired by a piece of artwork given to Oswald de Andrade of Brazil. Andrade and his friend Raul Bopp decided to start a movement based upon this painting and titled the piece Abaporu, which stands for man-eater in the Tupi-Guarani language. The Tupi Indians are a native group of Brazil who were known for their acts of cannibalism. The cannibal manifesto basically says that Brazil is like a melting pot of different cultures, but their idea for the future is instead of following in the footsteps of European culture they should work towards finding and constructing their own, from ‘absorbing’ cultures already in the country and creating a recycled, fresher culture that consist all the good aspects of each culture.

Musical essays

musical essays


musical essaysmusical essaysmusical essaysmusical essays