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Finally, the detrimental effects of micromanagement can extend beyond the "four walls" of a company, especially when the behavior becomes severe enough to force out skilled employees valuable to competitors: Current employees may complain about micromanagement in social settings or to friend-colleagues ( . , classmates and/or former co-workers) affiliated with other firms in a field. Outside observers such as consultants, clients, interviewees, or visitors may notice the behavior and recount it in conversation with friends and/or colleagues. Most harmfully to the company, forced-out employees, especially those whose advanced skills have made them attractive to other companies and gained them immediate respect, may have few reservations about speaking frankly when answering questions about why they changed employers; they may even make affirmative efforts to "badmouth" their former employer in an attempt at venting or revenge. The resulting damage to the company's reputation may create or increase insecurity among management, prompting further micromanagement among managers who use it to cope with insecurity; such a feedback effect creates and perpetuates a vicious cycle. Such feedback may follow the forced-out employee to the new job and create an environment of new micromanagement from such badmouthing. The new managers suspect the anger and hostility which creates further insecurity.

The filmmaker seems to set himself formal challenges here partly as a way to make sense of his sometimes-micro, sometimes-macro view of his charismatic subject's life. Bit by bit, the episodes connect to the title's stated theme, even if some of the "escapes" in question weren't necessarily desirable to Fancher himself. Pulling the complicated character of Philip K. Dick into the film in the second half only makes those connections more resonant, while giving Blade Runner fans just enough new background and production trivia to appease them.

Micro essay film

micro essay film


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