Master thesis on networking

Because the project lasts so long and delves extensively into its topic, the student should select a topic that is interesting and engaging. The creative student may, upon beginning research, discover that the chosen topic presents such a new idea to the field that no directly relevant research currently exists. In that case, the student must create the research from scratch. He or she should begin research by reading everything available that relates even indirectly to the field of study; for example, if the student is studying a Mesopotamian text upon which no one else has written, he or she may read journal articles and books that deal with other ancient texts from that location, language, or time period. This is called secondary research, and it aids the student in developing a voice of credibility. Secondary research provides an education in the terms, issues, history, and research authorities that belong specifically to that field of study, and the student who becomes conversant in all these areas can begin to write a masters thesis that can sway the opinions of experts in the field.

Q15: Are there any guidelines on the format of the Master's thesis?
Yes, indeed: The Master's Thesis must have at least 20,000 words (excluding bibliography and annex) (PO §21 (9)). In addition, please write your thesis on paper in DIN A4 format (§21 (8)).
As a courtesy to your advisors, please select a common and well readable format (layout) such as (this is only a suggestion, please feel free to contact your first supervisor for clarifying the format and the preferred citation):
Left Margin: 3 cm;
Right Margin: 3 to 5 cm;
Margin Top: cm;
Border Bottom: 2cm;
Footnotes: same page, numbered consecutively;
Line Spacing (text): spacing;
Line Spacing (footnotes): one line;
Font Size (text): 12 point Times New Roman or Arial 11 points; justified, hyphenation;
Font Size (footnotes): 10 point Times New Roman or Arial.

Master thesis on networking

master thesis on networking


master thesis on networkingmaster thesis on networkingmaster thesis on networkingmaster thesis on networking