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Beginning this Monday, November 20, we are making a small change that only affects middle school pick-ups, and that we believe will make the current traffic situation on the hill much more safe and efficient. Moving forward, pick-ups will be done at the back of the Middle School like before. Parents picking up their MS students will still come in on Fairview, and turn left onto Fairhaven (by the track). However, just before reaching the hill, they will turn right up the parking tier road where they will be staged until the buses move. Once on that road, they need to pull up as much as possible and park in the road . There will be an attendant at the top of the road who will release the cars once the last bus goes behind the middle school.   The parents will then proceed to pick up their students as normal, then they must exit by the dumpsters to the top of East Hillcrest.

I’ve felt that way too about some surgeries related to his bowel and urethra too that might be worthwhile but could change the internal workings in such a way that IF he walks someday, might interfere. And, I do believe Archer will walk someday. Oh, I think I’ll send you a little clip of one of our more recent PT sessions. It’s of Archer on the GEO. The neatest device. Housed in a room to itself.  Archer has been building stamina for a year now to be able to get on to the GEO and stay and remain upright without any heart or Blood Pressure or Autonomic Dysreflexia issues. Pretty neat isn’t it?  I just love to watch it move Archer’s feet and legs. He does too.

Maniac magee essay ideas

maniac magee essay ideas


maniac magee essay ideasmaniac magee essay ideasmaniac magee essay ideasmaniac magee essay ideas