Mainstream media pdf thesis

There are no bans on hate speech or harassment (and language does fly freely). The users have the option to "mute" whatever people or terms they want. In the wild, without muting or following particular people, a random scroll through categories on Gab is a roller-coaster of posts: Some benign ones (a chicken recipe, a prayer in support of President Trump, some links to music clips), then a startling one (a photo of a group of Klansmen, the Leo Frank lynching), then back to regular Internet lore (a dog video, a Saturday Night Live skit). Throughout it all, there's a tremendous amount of debate over news, with a heavy dose of conspiracy theories.

Human have hound in their house to protect their family against the wolf. As the hound getting more power, they don’t want to be guards any more. They want to be master. So the hound trained some wolf they captured. Let these agent wolf to attack and kill human. Human is frightened. They give hound whatever they demanded -money, power ….. Now hound become master. When they need something, they let the agent wolf have an attack on human, then said, this is a long war, to protect your lives, I need warrantless surveillance, more budget fund, torture prison…. The hound repeated its demand, “This enemy has struck us, and they will strike again, and we’ll give our folks the tools necessary to protect the country,” if you don’t then the hound “can not protect ourselves”.

Punk rock has set itself apart from other non-mainstream genres by self-asserting an active anti -mainstream social movement that resists commercialism and corporate control . The punk subculture usually does not appreciate major label bands that play punk music that denies the do it yourself (DIY) punk ethic , and thinks they are the same as mainstream music. Indie rock that surfaced in the early 1990s underground took this same DIY ethic. [4] Many anti-corporate and not-for-profit forms of alternative protest have surfaced in the punk underground, for example, self-made publications known as "zines", where there is greater freedom to discuss controversial (usually far left ) political issues such as bigotry , LGBT community issues, feminism , militant atheism , and veganism . And though the mainstream media often views this as a youthful expression of rebellion, modern punk embodies a range of age groups who generally disagree with the perceived shared countercultural principals and it is not uncommon for middle-aged people to form punk houses (houses where people of the punk subculture live and open to others to stay, including touring bands) and resistance movements against what they see as the widespread, unfair use of human and animal rights for profit . This modern group is effectively voiced through the anarcho-punk and crust punk subcultures, in attempt to fight what is seen by those groups as a general devaluation of, and way to profit from, life.

Mainstream media pdf thesis

mainstream media pdf thesis


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