Left handed research paper

Kangaroos and other macropod marsupials have a left-hand preference for everyday tasks in the wild. ‘True’ handedness is unexpected in marsupials because, unlike placental mammals , they lack a corpus callosum . Left-handedness was particularly apparent in the red kangaroo ( Macropus rufus ) and the eastern gray kangaroo ( Macropus giganteus ). Red-necked (Bennett’s) wallabies ( Macropus rufogriseus ) preferentially use their left hand for behaviours that involve fine manipulation, but the right for behaviours that require more physical strength. There was less evidence for handedness in arboreal species. [75] Studies of dogs, horses, and domestic cats have shown that females of those species tend to be right-handed, while males are lefties. [76]

A very nice want to tell some things about left handedness present in me which may convince you that I am an ideal some things about me:
visualize things to understand them even in case of programming.
imagination power is very high.
3. I am proud of my rapid eye movement done to understand things fast.
I am happy I enjoy every moment to its fullest.
when I am feeling bad…I am completely down..In that case each moment is very devastating for me.
say you should type with both hands…and I with left only.
am prone to fear of people….rejection by friends by society.
have mild social when somebody is explain to me..I don’t get what he/she is saying..Instead I find it good to understand things via Internet as nobody watches me at that time.
days it’s my habit to visualize even the most difficult if I can’t then my interest about that subject is lost.
over think about happy and sad moments.
11,I cannot tease others but when others do it…I get very angry.
Are these common things for a left hander?

Left-handers in the Western World are kind of lucky that they only need to worry about annoyingly awkward tools. In certain parts of Africa, Europe and much of the Far East, it's actually offensive to do anything with your left hand besides wipe your ass. For this and other reasons, the left hand is considered unclean and carries a cultural stigma. This makes being left-handed especially perilous in social situations, since waving hello or (God forbid) trying to shake another's hand with your left is akin to dick-slapping them in the face.

Left handed research paper

left handed research paper


left handed research paperleft handed research paperleft handed research paperleft handed research paper