Intrinsic case study

Six Seconds is a global network supporting people to create positive change – everywhere, all the time.  Our experience and research shows that the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ) are invaluable for leading change.  Therefore, we conduct research, develop powerful measures and tools for EQ development, and support a world-wide network of experts to put the learnable, measurable skills of emotional intelligence into action.  Our vision is that by 2039, one billion people will be practicing the skills of EQ. For more information, see /about .

Six Seconds’ Founder, Karen McCown, authored a method for integrating emotional and academic development, called Self-Science, first published in 1978.  In 1995, Daniel Goleman described the Self-Science process as one of two models for teaching emotional intelligence.  Established as a 501(c)3 organization in California in 1997, Six Seconds is now a global network with offices in San Francisco, Bologna, Amman, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Mumbai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta, plus representatives Bogota, Sao Paulo, Vilnius, Lisbon, Paris and Durban.

Intrinsic case study

intrinsic case study


intrinsic case studyintrinsic case studyintrinsic case studyintrinsic case study