Ihate writing my dissertation

Life is crazy at the moment. Trying to balance work and personal, but it’s a bit difficult when each day has only 24 hours. In addition, I want to spend time on treating myself to homemade, healthy food . As I was craving brownies, I decided to test some vegan FUDGY brownies . Now, I’ve shared a recipe for vegan brownies with you guys before. However, that recipe uses tofu. I still believe those are the best vegan brownies ever (soft and fudgy ) but as there’s some controversy around soy in your diet , I wanted to experiment on a soy-free, vegan brownie recipe. And this is the version I fell in love with. This recipe makes super fudgy brownies and uses plant based ingredients only. You really have to try these. Really. Read more

I’m not a creative person, but I think and feel a lot. I can’t paint or write music so instead I put my mediocre writing skills to the test. It’s been one of the biggest forms of therapy for myself. There is a part of me that dreads sharing an article online each week because I’m nervous about people actually reading my writing. I know it’s not that great, trust me. Even though I find myself being very open with my writing online, there are still very few people that I’ll share my deeper entries with. I wish that it didn’t all feel so sentimental or dramatic, but like I said, I’m a dramatic person. Maybe writing is supposed to be dramatic. I don’t know. All I know is that it’s driving me nuts that I used the word “dramatic” three times in two sentences.

Others have taken Qutb’s ideas in less apocalyptic directions, so that . Muqtedar Khan of the Brookings Institution can rank him alongside the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran as “one of the major architects and ‘strategists’ of contemporary Islamic revival.” But the last paragraphs of Qutb’s American memoir suggest just how far outside normal discourse his mind was wont to stray. After noting the stupidity of his Greeley neighbors, who failed to understand his dry and cutting jokes, Qutb writes: “In summary, anything that requires a touch of elegance is not for the American, even haircuts! For there was not one instance in which I had a haircut there when I did not return home to even with my own hands what the barber had wrought.” This culminating example of inescapable barbarism led directly to his conclusion. “Humanity makes the gravest of errors and risks losing its account of morals, if it makes America its example.”

Ihate writing my dissertation

i hate writing my dissertation


i hate writing my dissertationi hate writing my dissertationi hate writing my dissertationi hate writing my dissertation