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But it is also a product of Camus’ complex political views. Despite his revulsion toward French colonial prejudices and his sympathy toward Arabs, Camus believed until the end of his life that Algeria must remain part of France. Five decades later, as I discovered during a weeklong trip through Algeria on the eve of Camus’ centennial, memorials to the independence struggle are ubiquitous, resentment toward France remains strong and the Algerian government, largely made up of former freedom fighters, has willed a national forgetting of its country’s greatest writer. “Camus is regarded as a colonialist, and that’s taught in the schools,” says Catherine Camus, the author’s daughter, who lives in France and last visited Algeria in 1960, six months after her father’s death when she was 14, and who now manages his literary estate. But she insists that although her father spent his last decades in France, “he was entirely Algerian.”

Dear Phil,
As a freshman of High School, I have been open to new things, such as acting (not acting in general but classes to possible make acting not justa hobby). I’m starting to get off topic, however This month after the much needed Thanksgiving Day Vacation (YAY), My drama club and I are to be attending districts. However this context is not your and I was unable to obtain the book the notes were writen from just reading your inquiry of the book help me understand somethings I could work on before my first competive play.
Much Thanks,
Christopher Baker

Good essay topis

good essay topis


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