Girl child education india essay

This scheme was developed with a specific agenda in mind, and unlike the PPF, its time frames and mode of working are with this in mind: meaning that the redemption is to be done at a time when the money is required, either for higher education or for marriage. However, given that this is going to be a debt-based instrument, and the interest rate announced is per cent, if one invests Rs lakh in this from the time their child is 10 years old, for 11 years till she turns 21, the corpus is likely to become around Rs 29 Lakh: meaning that this may not cover the cost of even a foreign education at that time, and one can look at this scheme to supplement any additional investments done for their child.

South Africa is cautious about population growth, with an estimated annual population growth rate of %. Unwanted teenage pregnancy and orphans are an issue. A draft White Paper for a Population Policy for South Africa cited the high incidence of unwanted teenage pregnancy as one of the country's major population concerns. The seeming failure to help young girls (both urban and rural, although to a larger degree rural) deal with their sexuality, leads to a high incidence of pregnancies, abortions, STDs, and HIV and AIDS, as well as high maternal and infant mortality. There is an urgent need for South African teenagers to have access to sexual education and confidential contraceptive services.

R o l e   M o d e l   M a g a z i n e   ( R M M )   i s   a   s o c i a l l y   c o n s c i o u s   e m p o w e r m e n t     l i f e s t y l e   p u b l i c a t i o n   f o r   g i r l s   a n d   y o u n g   w o m e n .   O u r   m i s s i o n   i s   t o   E m p o w e r ,   E d u c a t e ,   A d v o c a t e   f o r   a n d   C e l e b r a t e   E v e r y   G i r l ,   E v e r y w h e r e .  

Girl child education india essay

girl child education india essay


girl child education india essaygirl child education india essaygirl child education india essaygirl child education india essay