Essays on accountability of equipment

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Because people of color are understandably focused on combatting racism as a first-order survival issue, it is somewhat impractical to expect educators of color to focus substantially on the ways that white supremacy also injures whites, and surely not to give this the same amount of attention as is given to racism’s impact on people of color. In an attempt to be accountable to persons of color engaged in this struggle, I feel it is my role (and the role of other whites) to speak to this matter, so that people of color can concentrate their antiracist leadership and efforts on those matters that most directly impact them and their communities. In this, I am trying to follow the advice and direction offered to white activists by many persons of color down through the years, from Malcolm X (near the end of his life), to black and brown SNCC activists in the late 1960s, to activists and educators of color whom I meet every week around the country.

Essays on accountability of equipment

essays on accountability of equipment


essays on accountability of equipmentessays on accountability of equipmentessays on accountability of equipmentessays on accountability of equipment