Essays against the iraq war

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  • Ethan : October 13, 2017

    Zunes’ thinking is distorted by the fact that he himself is a Jewish Zionists — hardly an objective academic. For example, he says “the notorious Feith/Wurmser “Clean Break” paper was a call for Israel to break from the US-led peace process and the perceived restraints on Israeli actions by the . government…”. What he doesn’t say is that it also called for the removal of Saddam Hussein from power at Israel’s behest, and that later, when Jewish Zionists Feith and Wurmser went to work for the Bush administration, they were instrumental in cooking the books to “prove” that Saddam had WMD and was tied to 9/11 — both of which claims have been exposed as lies.
    Sure, Cheney (and perhaps Bush) knew Feith and Wurmser were cooking the books and probably brought them in to do so, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t independently motivated by their Jewish Zionism, as were the thousands of Jewish Zionists in media and government who also helped pave the way for the invasion due out of fealty to Israel.
    It’s not an either/or situation: Some of the liars were motivated by greed and a Pax Americana Empire, others were motivated by their Jewish Zionism, others were motivated by their Christian Zionism. But at least a theoretical argument can be made that Pax Americana is in the American interest; no such argument can be made that Israel is in the American interest, which is absurd on its face (”foreign country X is an American interest” — contradiction in terms). This is why Zunes and other Jewish-American Zionists and Christian Zionists fiercely deny Zionism was a motive for the Iraq war: it shows them up as the traitors they are. So they try to hide behind all Jews with such absurd statements as “Those who would rely on the time-honored tactic of “blaming the Jews” would divert attention from the real issues and would indeed be a dangerous distraction.”
    Zunes is a cowardly Zionist trying to hide behind all American Jews, at least a percentage of whom, unlike himself, are not more loyal to America than Israel. There is no creature on earth more craven than a diaspora Jewish-American Zionist. They should all be flogged from the American temple to their primary loyalty: Israel.

    Essays against the iraq war

    essays against the iraq war


    essays against the iraq waressays against the iraq waressays against the iraq waressays against the iraq war