Essay on stereotypes of women

This is a pretty horrible article. The author is trying to simplify Hinduism for Western CNN readers who deserve better. There is no nuance and subtlety and she doesn't talk about major concepts that would help those unfamiliar to get a more rooted knowledge. For example, could the author possibly mention the symbolism of the bindi or "red forehead dot" representing the "third eye" or "inner guru" then just relegating it as only a fashion statement? Also, the male and female aspects of divinity (God and Goddess) are worshipped equally. Caste was originally conceived for people to make the most of their God given talents (a proper distribution of the workforce) not a birthright.

In social psychology, prejudice has also been labelled ingroup favouritism, social antagonism, and ethnocentrism (Augoustinos and Reynolds, 2001). These and other terms emphasize different aspects of prejudice. While stereotypes can include both negative and positive characteristics, prejudice can be described as beliefs that attribute negative characteristics, and they usually carry a more emotional component. This involves negative feelings such as dislike, fear, condescension, anger or even hatred, which can lead to favouring members of one’s own group, or discrimination against outgroups. When applied to certain social categories, prejudice can be labelled more specifically, . prejudice based on gender is called sexism, and racial prejudice is called racism (Stangor, 2000). The notion that blond women are stupid is an example for sexist prejudice.

Essay on stereotypes of women

essay on stereotypes of women


essay on stereotypes of womenessay on stereotypes of womenessay on stereotypes of womenessay on stereotypes of women