Dual presidency thesis

While the SACP`s influence within the economic and infrastructure sectors has been marked, the Party`s influence over, and even policy development perspectives in regard to the critical criminal-justice-defence sectors has been marginal. And yet there are many challenges in this sector, including in Intelligence, SAPS and Defence. The SACP`s 12th and 13th Congresses produced resolutions on challenges in the SANDF - but we have generally failed to make any serious impact. The Marikana tragedy, the high number of civilian deaths at the hands of the police, allegations of torture, and the failure to provide basic community safety to many townships and informal settlements have highlighted serious challenges in SAPS. Again, our impact has been minimal.

While Tilghman disquieted some alumni by championing affirmative action policies, establishing a single admission process, and broadening the range of residential and dining options available to students, she also found strong support for these actions and their underpinning vision. Tilghman presided over a major effort to advance the growing community of Princeton Alumna, culminating in a campus conference entitled "She Roars." [32] In her final year Tilghman led the first major university celebration for "alternative genders" resulting in an immensely successful on-campus LGBT alumni gathering; this was the first of its kind on any campus in the United States and set a precedent for the advancement of the LGBT community nationwide. [33]

Dual presidency thesis

dual presidency thesis


dual presidency thesisdual presidency thesisdual presidency thesisdual presidency thesis