Doctoral dissertation database online

The summary must present the aims, methods and results of the study. The publications may also include collective publications, provided that an independent contribution of the doctoral candidate can be distinguished in them. The candidate must present a written clarification on his/her contribution to the collective research as the doctoral dissertation is handed in for the preliminary examination . Furthermore, this report should be confirmed with the signatures of all writers (online form).  A clear record on where the publications have been published or accepted to be published must be attached to the dissertation.

Once a dissertation receives a grade of Distinction or Pass, the dissertation committee must sign the Defense Examination report, which is provided to the dissertation committee chair by the SIS Director of Doctoral Studies. The student must also provide two copies of the properly formatted title page of the dissertation for signature by all members of the dissertation committee. After the title page is signed by each member of the dissertation committee, the student must submit both copies to the PhD academic advisor. The student will also need to submit the final dissertation . For questions about formatting or electronic submission please email [email protected] .

Doctoral dissertation database online

doctoral dissertation database online


doctoral dissertation database onlinedoctoral dissertation database onlinedoctoral dissertation database onlinedoctoral dissertation database online