Diagnostic essays

This is a unique way to learn grammar and accent at the same time. The Verb Map lets you see how all the verb tenses work. You have an immediate visual understanding of what you already know and what remains to be learned. This is a great way to work on vocabulary, as the program uses 2,500 words, with the 500 high-frequency words translated into 7 different languages (Spanish, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Vietnamese, Russian). With the English dictionary and the translations, even a true beginner can work through the book without outside help. Intermediate to advanced students will also benefit, as they can fill in any information gaps and master pronunciation at the same time. This is an excellent resource for both ESL students and American students taking English classes.

characters into unique, intriguing, eccentric, or evil individuals and when this happens it ecomes engaging and stimulates further curiosity. In “Royal Beatings” (Munro 1128), the author reveals that, “Rose’s nature was growing like a prickly pineapple. ” It is human nature to be drawn by curiosity and interest to that which is not ordinary. Finally, a satisfying story should have some form of resolution that ties together any uncertain aspects. Some stories such as “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Gilman 608), do not come to any resolution . This is frustrating for me because I am left with unanswered questions in my mind.

Diagnostic essays

diagnostic essays


diagnostic essaysdiagnostic essaysdiagnostic essaysdiagnostic essays