Dance coursework

Customized dance projects and other performance opportunities expose dancers to a wide range of choreographers and choreographic processes. Dancers will be expected to perform choreography with accuracy and interpretive passion, and excel in ensemble and solo performance. In the final term, coursework is focused on industry and career preparation, including an original dance showcase production experience. Each showcase is crafted based on the unique and individual cast members assigned as a company. This specialized performance opportunity prepares dancers to enter the competitive performing industry with skill, confidence and a professional work ethic.

A BFA in Dance from Cornish prepares students for careers as performers, choreographers and teachers in the dance field. Many alumni create interdisciplinary careers, combining work as dancers with related work in the field such as performance production for dance (lighting design, costuming, stage management), dance photography and film, dance writing and criticism, arts administration, teaching somatic and conditioning techniques, acting, as well as many other types of work. A Pilates Matwork Teaching Certificate Program prepares students to teach Pilates mat classes at studios and gyms. Students may also complete the initial stages of the Gyrotonic Trainer preparation while at Cornish.
As performers, Cornish Dance alumni have worked with many of the most well-known dance companies in the United States, including: the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, Trisha Brown Dance Company, Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company, Mark Morris Dance Group, Shen Wei Dance Arts, Isadora Duncan Dance Company, American Ballet Theater, Ballet Hispanico, Milwaukee Ballet II, Ballet Nouveau, Malashock Dance, Peter Pucci and Dancers, Zoe Scofield, Lineage Dance Company, Silver Brown Dance Company, Scott/Powell Performance Group, Spectrum Dance Theater, Lingo Dance Company, and the Pat Graney Dance Company.

Locally, Cornish alumni are members of nearly every Seattle dance company, performing widely at all locations throughout the Pacific Northwest region. Cornish College dance alumni are also well-known for creating their own professional opportunities by starting their own companies, dance schools, and producing organizations.

The Russian term kul’ttovary translates roughly to “cultural goods.” Specified items, broadly available for purchase at affordable prices, would bring culture into workers’ and collective farmers’ homes. These were art supplies, radios, records and phonographs, musical instruments, sports equipment, photo cameras, and toys. For decades, each city or town had at least one retail store called “ Kul’ttovary .” The kul’ttovary phenomenon was widespread in Russia from the late 1920s into the 1960s, at which point the previously ubiquitous Kul’ttovary stores yielded to shops with narrower specializations, consistent with broader changes in the Soviet retail industry. The objects selected for the exhibition were designed and manufactured in the USSR and are representative of the range of kul’ttovary common to almost every Soviet home.

Dance coursework

dance coursework


dance courseworkdance courseworkdance courseworkdance coursework