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Thanks for your informative website.  I love atheist/theist debates and found your website a couple of months ago.  In your review of the Craig/Hitchens debate, you wrote a question that you would like to have asked Dr. Craig and I’d like to take a crack at it.  Your question concerned whether objective moral values exist apart from God (here you point to Craig’s answer to question 61 on his website regarding abortion) or whether they are grounded in God.  In answering question 61, Craig writes that abortion is wrong because human life has intrinsic moral value.  As you point out, Craig seems to imply that we know that human life has intrinsic value apart from knowing anything about God.  But if this is the case, then in what sense are objective moral values grounded in God? 
I think what Craig would say is that we do have knowledge of objective moral values independent of any knowledge of God.  This knowledge includes the proposition that human life has intrinsic value.  However, there is no foundation for this knowledge outside of God.  In other words, while we know that human life has intrinsic value, we can’t explain why human life has intrinsic value outside of God.  (Whereas, under Christianity, human life has intrinsic value because God has created humanity in His image in order that we might spend eternity with God in the hereafter).  Thus objective moral values are grounded in God’s nature, although we have knowledge of these values independent of any knowledge of God.  As a result, I don’t think there is any contradiction between Craig’s statement that we know human life has intrinsic value and his argument that objective morality has to be grounded in God’s nature.  What do you think?

Teenagers as mentioned before have developed with technology and Pew internet and American Life project says that "seven in ten students have a mobile phone, and six in ten have a desktop or laptop computer". Yes, six in ten teenagers are likely to have a computer but that is not the only communication tool being used. Mobile phones are perhaps one of the most used communicative technologies and have grown rapidly among teenagers. In general, phones and computers are used by teenagers to keep records of events, to socialize with friends and family and for entertainment, be it gaming, movies, and/or as an educational tool.

Cool hand luke essays

cool hand luke essays


cool hand luke essayscool hand luke essayscool hand luke essayscool hand luke essays