College essay shower

I like how this essay was short. I was not sure about the title at first but as I was reading I laughed when he said, “Professors at every level inflate to escape negative evaluations by students, whose opinions now figure in tenure and promotions decisions.” I am pretty sure many college students use to read evaluations on the professor before adding the class. I usually ignore if the statistics of the professor is bad and hope to get the good as well as hoping the class is not full. Sometimes, I feel that some of the students negative feedback were probably based on their grade, they did not put in effort, complaints about the work load, or maybe lack of attendance/participation. Students want a good grade for their transcript and for the sake of passing the class. Who doesn’t? It’s just a letter but when applying to colleges, what do they look at? grade point average. Some jobs even ask for your grade point average on their application. I remembered when I complained about one of my teacher’s grading scale in high school because whenever I ace some of my tests, my grade did not have a difference but when I failed a test… it dropped. I think professors “shower” their students with A’s if they have good academic behaviors such as being on time to class, putting in effort (doing all assignments and doing well on tests, and participation. You have to put in your all to earn that A.

Still, Berkeley lingers in my mind, and I must exhaust all enrollment opportunities to be fully content with the application process. A final, more personal note as to why I so desire to attend Berkeley over a few of my other possibilities: in the middle of November, in the midst of completing the bulk of my college applications, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Combined with applying to college, completing homework, staying on top of classes, and keeping my commitments to extra-curricular activities, the knowledge that my mom has a serious form of cancer made those few months all the more stress-filled and difficult. Thank the Lord, my mom has successfully completed radiation and continues to see specialists regularly, solidifying her status in my mind as the strongest person I know. Going off to college, I am going to miss my mom dearly, and she will dearly miss me. I've always been very close with her, and I recognize the ambivalence within her of wanting me to stay close to home in the Bay Area while wanting what's best for me. I feel similar sentiments, having the strong urge to protect and care for my mom, visiting on a regular basis, while desiring to grow as a person into the man I strive to be. Berkeley would be the perfect choice of school in relation to both aspects: its proximity to my home town of Livermore, as well as the educational opportunities Berkeley offers.

College essay shower

college essay shower


college essay showercollege essay showercollege essay showercollege essay shower