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A number of years ago as I was downsizing, it broke my heart to sell my vinyl collection which started back in 1954 and grew to almost 85,000 albums. A close friend recommended Wayne at Rockaway as honest and dedicated to the music. Well, he exceeded all my expectations from day one. His remuneration was more than fair, but what made him a real mensch was coming back a few times with an additional check for records that sold beyond his expectations. When I left Santa Monica and had to sell my nearly 40,000 cd's, he was wonderful once again. I can't give higher superlatives to Wayne & Rockaway. He cares...he knows...he respects.

We bet you've always wanted to print jukebox labels from the convenience of your home, but didn't want to have to pay for it. Well our research team has worked tirelessly searching the internet night and day to find just the website . UPDATE: and this website too, Thanks Dennis! Have fun!

Grading Records . Know the condition of your own rare records and of what you want to buy or sell.

Free Music Who says there's no such thing as a free download? Rhino Recordings (Great label by the way) is offering all of us some free music.

Cleaning Rare Vinyl Records. How to properly clean your vinyl.

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Buy 45 records

buy 45 records


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