Analyze film essay

This is perhaps one of Shakespeare's more interesting plays, if you will. In comparison to Macbeth it isn't quite the walk in the park.
I think conceptually it enables the reader to see that characters can influence characters to such a degree that the original traits are masked and changed. Tragedy in this play is definitely a main component - and a great emphasis that perhaps the villain doesn't always find their true defeat. In a way, wasn't the "villain" successful? He lied to everyone and pretty much killed whomever got in his way.

For instance, Saw doesn’t trust the Imperial pilot who carries the message from Jyn’s father. He subjects the pilot to a creature that causes its victims to lose their minds as it determines their true intentions. But afterward, Saw Gerrera still doesn’t believe the pilot who regains his mind the next time we see him. This scene doesn’t move the plot forward because it doesn’t change anything. There are no consequences. The following trip to Eadu is similarly inconsequential. Jyn has already seen the message revealing the Death Star’s weakness. She and we know the next step is to convince the Rebellion go to steal the plans. But instead, they travel to Eadu, beginning a thirty-two minute sequence that has no lasting consequences and provides them with no new information. It does function to let Jyn briefly reunite with her father. But while the death of Jyn’s father should be a significant moment for her and the story, it ultimately doesn’t change the trajectory of either. Once Jyn has learned that Cassian had orders to assassinate her father she’s even angrier at him and the Rebellion than before. This kind of revelation might give her cause her to abandon Cassian and forsake the rebellion. But instead, in the following scenes she’s giving a stirring speech to the rebels and teaming up with Cassian.

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Analyze film essay

analyze film essay


analyze film essayanalyze film essayanalyze film essayanalyze film essay