American flag essay

How does a child or young adult participate?
Teachers or youth group leaders hopefully will take the initiative to involve their students. The program addresses learning standards in civics and presents excellent topics for writing and art assignments, which teachers can incorporate into their may also contact a local AMVETS post or department to invite veterans to visit their classes. Students whose teachers or schools are not participating in the program can still enter the contest specific to their grade as a take-home or after-school project. Parents may contact a local AMVETS post or department , on behalf of their children, to submit entries or contact the AMVETS National Programs Department at 301-683-4031.

In the 1979 novel Alongside Night , an organization called the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre, seeking a Second American Revolution, welcomes visitors to one of its undergrounds: "The room’s only decoration was a modified Gadsden flag draped on the wall adjoining the bar and medical areas (opposite the door), a golden field with 'LAISSEZ-FAIRE!' in an upper left corner, a coiled rattlesnake facing left with its tongue out, and in the lower right, 'DONT TREAD ON ME!'" The Gadsden flag without the addition of "LAISSEZ-FAIRE!" is carried over into the 2014 Alongside Night movie adaptation in which the Gadsden flag is used by the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre as well as the traditional anarchist black flag. [28]

Burning of the flag is a nonviolent protest that takes action in a public place. Flag burning is frowned upon and viewed as disrespectful. Stewart stated that, “…flag burning is the equivalent of an inarticulate grunt or roar that…is most likely to be indulged in not to express any particular idea, but to antagonize others” (1989, p. 58). The court system in the United States has determined that the American citizens have the authority to communicate their point of views through various measures other than verbally (Gelber, 2012). Many public, passionate debates have taken place regarding the American flag (Analysis: Freedom of expression and the role of a supreme court: Some issues from around the world, 2010). There are a variety of ways in which the American flag is mishandled or mangled with slim to none public rousing affairs (Gelber, 2012). Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist, set this example in 1966 when he challenged the people of America to join and take part in a nonviolent protest as a boycott and the pathway to freedom to end racism and separation of blacks and whites in America (Hostetter, 2007). Because of the right to assemble and protest peacefully, one has the right to raise and wave or incinerate an American flag. In the United States, people have the right and freedom to assemble protests, which then ties into having the right of expression. Even though society may find the idea of flag burning offensive or contradicting as a citizen of the United States, the government is unable to forbid and outlaw the expression of this act (Analysis: Freedom of expression and the role of a supreme court: Some issues from around the world, 2010). Assembling protests is a right that Americans have because of brave and courageous people such as Martin Luther King Jr., who, wanted to create a new road for all races. Because of such people the freedom to protest is present

American flag essay

american flag essay


american flag essayamerican flag essayamerican flag essayamerican flag essay